Non-Academic Complaints

  • A non-academic complaint is defined as a difference or dispute between student and staff member or service department related to matters such as policies or unfair treatment.

    1. The student has attempted and been unsuccessful in resolving a concern informally.
    2. The student completes and submits this form to initiate the formal complaint/grievance process.
  • 1. Provide details of how you have attempted to resolve your concern informally.

  • Name of contactTitleContact DateOutcome 
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  • 2. Describe your complaint below. Include dates of events, persons involved, statements made or actions.

  • 3. What results, outcomes, or solutions are you anticipating as a result of filling this formal complaint/grievance?

  • Read the following before signing.

    I hereby declare that the above statements are true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any false statements made in this complaint/grievance may be subject to a Student Code of Conduct violation. My signature below indicates that I have followed the Grievance Procedure as set forth in the University of Indianapolis Student Handbook and that I seek redress regarding the concern I have formally documented. I understand and give my consent to share need to know information within the institution in a confidential manner and in the event the complaint/grievance rises to an external process, with external agencies.